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Dear Colleagues!

We offer you to get acquainted with the main lines of activity of Research and Production Company «DONIX». We hope that the experts will appreciate scientific and production capabilities of our enterprise, and the descriptions of our innovative technologies will help you to decide for mutually beneficial collaboration with our company.

RPC «DONIX» was founded in 1991 in Donetsk (a large industrial centre in the South-East of Ukraine) on base of the «Metal Forming» chair of Donetsk Polytechnical Institute (at present - Donetsk National Technical University).

At present the company staff numbers approximately two hundred permanent employees and more than 350 employees working pluralistically, among them there are 6 Doctors of Engineering Science and over 30 Candidates of Engineering Science.

We are successfully working at the development and implementation of new native technologies for ferrous metallurgy, and produce our own different-purpose products.

In 2006 RPC «DONIX» was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for active participation of its research workers and experts in the development and implementation of the multi-strand rolling-slitting technology.  

The enterprise's developments were given numerous Ukrainian and foreign awards and are in demand almost at all the metallurgical works in Ukraine as well as in a number of European and Asian countries.

The total economic effect, received within 15 years as a result of implementation of our technologies, makes more than 2 milliard Grivnas ($ 380 mln)

To receive up-to-date and detailed information in the Russian and English languages, contact us at:

83102, Kuybysheva 44, Donetsk, Ukraine,
or call: +38 062 3889120


We thank you for your attention and wish you all the best



General Director of RPC «DONIX»
Candidate of Engineering Science
Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine

Technical Director of RPC «DONIX»
Candidate of Engineering Science
Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine



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