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Research and production company

Науково-виробниче товариство
м. Донецьк
Technical Director
D.P. Kukuy
«05» june 2013 г.


of RPC projects «DONIX»


Donetsk - 2013

No Technology/System Company Year

Blast-Furnace Production Department

1 The "know-how" of agglomerate production with use of incendiary forges of the advanced design OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih»
OJSC «Dnepr MW», Dniprodzerginsk
2 The "know-how" of pig-iron with use of a pulsation of pressure of a gas phase OJSC «EMW», Yenakievo 2004-2006
3 The "know-how" of cast iron production using correction of the coke rate depending on its humidity OJSC «EMW», Yenakievo
CJSC «MMW», Makeevka
4 The "know-how" of basicity reduction and iron variation in the sinter OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2003-2005
5 Automation system for control over the water-cooled units of the blast furnace Alchevsk Metallurgical Works
CJSC «MMW», Makeevka
6 The automated tuyere melting control system for blast furnace. OJSC «MK «Azovstal», blast furnaces No 2,3,4,5,6 2011
7 Reconstruction of the sintering machines ignition furnace OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2011
8 Automated desulphurization process control system OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2012

Steelmaking department

1 Control system of CCM hydraulic swinging mechanisms with function of billet extraction force and position of a crystallizer definition OJSC «EMW», Yenakievo
OJSC «MK«Azovstal»
OJSC «NLMK», Lipeck, Russia
2 Development of engineering for a ladle-furnaces, chamber vacuumators and CCM made by OJSC "NKMZ" Vyksa MW, Russia
OJSC «МКAzovstal» CCM №3, №5
OJSC «Azovelectrostal»
3 Multifunctional systems of the sliding gates for steel-teeming ladles (Concept of use in Steelmaking) OJSC «Energomashspecstal»
OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya
4 Control system of the lock mechanism with function of auto start OJSC «EMW», Yenakievo CCM №1
5 Automated control system of dynamic cooling of a zone of secondary cooling on the slab CCM OJSC «МК Azovstal»
OJSC «NLMK», Lipeck, Russia (erection)
6 The organization and ution of work on the creation of "Automated system for collecting and archiving parameters of the oxygen-converter shop units" OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2011-2012
7 Development of basic engineering for the technology of continuous casting billets and advisory services during the modernization of continuous casting machine CJSC "AzovElectroStal" to ensure the guaranteed parameters Closed Joint-Stock Company "AzovElectroStal" 2012
8 Development of a set of measures to improve the surface quality of continuously cast by reducing their staggered rib fractures OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2012
9 Research and development of rational parameters of the process of mechanized feeding slag-forming mixtures into the mold slab caster OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2013
10 The development of vibration monitoring equipment for the steelmaking process OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2013
11 Development of basic engineering for the technology of continuous casting billets to ensure guaranteed quality parameters Closed Joint-Stock Company "AzovElectroStal 2013

Bar Rolling Department

1 Two-strand rolling-slitting of rebars OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih»
OJSC «EMW», Yenakievo
«Promet Stel» AD, Bulgaria
CJSC «MMW», Makeevka
2 Technological concept of the manufacture control of the continuous rolling mill 250 automated system ISTIL UK 2003
3 The analysis of existing technology and study of variants of modernization of technology and the equipment of rolling mill 370 OJSC «Donetsk Metal Rolling Work» 2005
4 Control systems for the roller guides operation of wire block 150 CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2006
5 Development of rolling technology of settlement profiles of an assortment mill 390. Technology and special equipment for the rolling-slitting process development CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2006-2007
6 The technological requirements for modernization 250,350 and 400 small and middle section rolling mills OJSC «Donetsk Metal Work» 2008
7 Electronic system of diagnostics and adjustments of roller guides on high speed wire blocks wire rod mill 150-1 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih»
wire rod mill 250/150-6 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih»

Sheet Rolling Department

1 Program and technological maintenance of automatic control systems for metal cooling in a line of strip and sheet hot rolling mills, and also roller hardening machines Mill1700 IMW «Ispat-Karmet», Kazachstan
Roller hardening machine MW HSW-HSJ, Poland
Mill 3000 Alchevsk Metallurgical Works
2 Development of the software, designing of technology and technology requirements to the equipment of plate and continuous sheet mills OJSC "NKMZ", Mariupol IMW named Illych 2000-2011
3 The concept and technological substantiation of modernization and designing of plate mills Alchevsk Metallurgical Works
OJSC "Magnitogorsk Integrated Steelworks", Russia
OJSC «Asha MW», Russia
OJSC "NKMK", Novokuznetsk
OJSC «Zapsib IMW», Novokuznetsk
ISD Huta Chenstochova, Poland
OJSC «Donetsk Metal Work»
OJSC «МКAzovstal»
OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya
Mariupol IMW named Illych
OJSC "Mechel", Chelyabinsk, Russia
4 Technological justification of the possibility and conditions of rolling sheets of increased thickness of the slab and spread out on the mill in 2300 OJSC "Mechel", Chelyabinsk, Russia 2011
5 Technology and software workstation for called roll quenching machine of the rolling mill 2800 OJSC "Severstal" 2011

Industrial heating engineering department

1 Development of low scale heating modes of billets with the minimal factor of the air charge bar mills 250-3,
250-2, 250-1
OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih»
2 Introduction the new thermal modes providing burning of fuel with the minimal factor of air charge bar mill 350 OJSC «Dnepr MW», Dniprodzerginsk 2006
3 Development of optimum temperature and thermal modes of billets heating bar mill 250-2 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih» 2008
4 Development of low scale heating modes for billets while translating heating natural gas to a natural-coke-blast furnace gas mix with burner devices modernization Wire rod mill 250-3
OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih»
5 Development and adjustment of thermal operating modes of the heating furnace while translating 1-st, 2-nd, 3 zones on coke gas Wire rod mill 150 CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2010
6 Modernization of the heating furnace burner devices and development of new thermal modes at transition of heating of the furnace on natural-coke-blast furnace gas mix Wire mill 150-1 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih» 2011
7 Technology audit of rolling mills 550 and 630 reheating OJSC «EMW» 2011
8 Transfer of mill 150 4 and 5 heating furnace zones for heating with coke oven gas OJSC «EMW» 2011
9 Development of TEP "Modernization of reheating furnace for heating the plate mill for rolling metal to increase furnace productivity, expanding the assortment of heated workpiece and reducing the specific fuel consumption" OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2011
10 Supply of gas burning devices for heating rotary lime kiln OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2012
11 The modernization of the heating system of rail and structural steel mill furnaces OJSC «MK «Azovstal» 2013

Automationon department

1 Adviser for heating operator of the soaking pit division OJSC «EMW» 2000
2 Rolling technology control and speed adjustment system Istil (Ukraine) 2000
3 Flying shears synchronization system "Krivorozhstal" combine 2000
4 Steel accountancy system OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2002
5 Steel cutting control system for continuous bar mill OJSC «EMW» 2002
6 Metal accompaniment system for continuous bar mill "Krivorozhstal" combine 2002
7 Automatic control system for ingots heating OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2002
8 Data acquisition system of mill 1250 main drives "Krivorozhstal" combine 2002
9 Tracking system for the slabbing process on the "Roughing mill-continuous plate mill" complex OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2002
10 Control system for the rolled stock cutting process of the continuous billet mill OJSC «EMW» 2002
11 Control system for mill 1300 main drives "Krivorozhstal" combine 2003
12 Control system for of the blooming main drives OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2003
13 Metal production accompaniment system for continuous section mill Istil UK (Great Britain) 2003
14 IT system of the roughing mill OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2003
15 The metal size measurement system OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2004
16 Data acquisition system of continuous mill 730/500 and flying shears main drives "Krivorozhstal" combine 2004
17 Control system for the section cutting process OJSC «EMW» 2004
18 Control system for the locking mechanism of continuous casting machine OJSC «EMW» 2004
19 Automatic positioning system or vertical screw down structure of the roughing mill 1150 OJSC «Zaporigstal», Zaporiggya 2005
20 Automatic control system of ingot heating process OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih» 2005
21 Blast furnace thermal status control system Blast furnace №5 CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2006
22 Control system for the secondary cooling zone of continuous casting machine Continuous casting machine№3 OJSC «Azovstal» 2006
23 Integrated system for blast furnace control Blast furnace №1 CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2006
24 Computerized diagnostic system for rod mill fittings Rod mill 150 CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2007
25 Modernization of rolling mill heating furnace control system with the peplacement of Simatic S5 PLC to Simatic S7 Rod mill 150 CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2007
26 Technological software for rolling quench machine HSW-HSJ Stalowa Wola (Poland) 2007
27 Control system for mill 1250, main drives Blooming 1 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih» 2008
28 Technological know-how and software for automated workplace at roll hardering machine rolling mill 2500 Magnitogorsk steel works 2009
29 Technological software for rolling quench machine Severstal (Russia) 2009
30 Automatic control system of ingot heating process (Project) Blooming 2 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih» 2010
31 Manufacturing ution System for section mill rolling mill 390 CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2010
32 Computerized diagnostic system for rod mill fittings rolling mill PS-150-1 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih» 2010
33 Automated control system for repair service rolling shop CJSC «MMW», Makeevka 2011
34 Automated control system for metal cutting at the main and loop lines of Blooming 2 OJSC «ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih» 2011
35 System for Lighting agglocharge optimization OJSC «Azovstal» 2011
36 Automated system for blast furnace tuyers burnout control OJSC «Azovstal» 2011
37 Automated system for blast furnace coolers control OJSC «Azovstal» 2011
38 Automated control system for cast iron desulfurization OJSC «Azovstal» 2012
39 Automation control system for rotary kin OJSC «Azovstal» 2012
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