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The following different-purpose metal products are produced and sold by RPC «Donix» on terms of a contract:

  • Electrode wire GOST 2246-70 (including copper-coated wire on magazines – 1, 2.5, 5, 15 kg): СВ08,СВ08АСВ08ГАСВ08Г2ССВ08ХМСВ10Г2, СВ10НМАСВ10ГНСВ18ХГССв12Х13, Св20Х13.
  • Electrode wire TU 14-15-373-95: СВ08Г1НМАСВ08Г1НМА(copper-coated).
  • Surfacing wire DSTU 3671-97 (GOST 10543-98): Нп 30ХГСАНп65Г, 20Х14, НП30Х13, НП40Х13.
  • Wire for cold-heading GOST 17305-91: 10кп, 20кп, 08КП.
  • Wire for cold-heading of high-strength bolts (TU 14-4-385-73).
  • Wire carbon low-alloy steel GOST 3282-74 Ø 0.8-6.0 including heat-treated wire (annealed).
  • Spring wire GOST 14963-78 60С2А, 65 Г.
  • Cold-drawn wire for concrete reinforcement GOST 6727-80 В-1, ВР-1.
  • Roll-formed sections of various dimension-types: strip with primary aluminum in metal sheath (TU U 27.4-13495380-005-2001). The strip is used in metallurgy for the treatment of liquid melts.

Powder Metallurgy Department of RPC «Donix» produces large-size and nonstandard products hard alloys based on the tungsten carbide.

At present RPC «Donix» is practically the only enterprise on the territory of the former Soviet Union which carries out full-scale production of disk-type rolls (rolling disks) composite hard alloys. Rolling disks of RPC «Donix» are successfully used in high-speed wire blocks on rolling mills of OJSC «KGMK «Krivorozhstal» (Ukraine), CJSC «Makeevka Metallurgical Works» (Ukraine), RUP «Belarusian Metallurgical Works» (Belarus). A pilot batch of rolling disks has successfully passed performance test on the rolling mill «150» of OJSC «Beloretsk Iron&Steel Works (Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan).



The device is designed for medical practice and its function is to carry out primary and profound electrocardiodiagnostics.

PDE-01 combines the functions of a multichannel electrocardiograph, an electrocardioscope and a heart rate monitor, which allows to observe the cardiogram on the monitor while taking it, to save it to the device's memory for further retrieving and saving into the PC memory, and to print it out.

There exist the device versions in Russian, Ukrainian, English and French.



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