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Portable Digital Electrocardiograph PDE-01

The device is designed for medical practice and its function is to carry out primary and profound electrocardiodiagnostics.

PDE-01 combines the functions of a multichannel electrocardiograph, an electrocardioscope and a heart rate monitor, which allows to observe the cardiogram on the monitor while taking it, to save it to the device's memory for further retrieving and saving into the PC memory, and to print it out.

There exist the device versions in Russian, Ukrainian, English and French.



The electrocardiograph's functional capabilities:

  • Up to 21 ECG (12 standard leads + the selected inhalation lead + 16 s rythm.) can be taken, recorded and stored in the device's memory.
  • ECG quality printing on any type of A4 writing paper.
  • Indication of one or two selected leads on the monitor.
  • Long-term monitoring of any lead (up to 64 s).
  • Record of supplementary leads (Nehb's, Slopak's leads).
  • Additional record of the inhalation lead.
  • The power supply is self-contained, working on integrated accumulators (for up to 6 hours) or a power system 220 V AC.
  • ECG display on the PC (RS-232C).

Main parameters:

  • Number of leads - 12 standard leads, 4 Slopak's leads, 3 Nehb's leads.
  • Duration of the recorded ECG segment - 2;3;4;6 s
  • Frequency band -0,05 - 125 Hz
  • Rejection filter - 50 Hz
  • Normalizing filter - 75 Hz
  • Antitremor filter - 35 Hz
  • Recording rate - 50;25;5 mm/s
  • Range of the heart rate measurement - between 30 and 300 beats/min
  • Liquid-crystal display - 256 64; 128 32 points/mm
  • Dimensions - 200 112 50 mm
  • Weight - 0,750 kg

Set of delivery items:

  • Electrocardiograph unit.
  • Electrodes set.
  • Patient's cable.
  • Accumulators (4).
  • Communication cable for the printer.
  • Line power supply.
  • * EPSON LX 300 Printer.
  • Certificate.

* The device can be delivered without the printer.

Additional electrodes and the power adapter an automotive accumulator are available on request.

The product is certified and is delivered to Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Egypt and Tunis.



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