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Hard Alloyed Products of Domestic Manufacture

Powder Metallurgy Department of RPC «Donix» produces large-size and nonstandard products hard alloys based on the tungsten carbide.

At present RPC «Donix» is practically the only enterprise on the territory of the former Soviet Union which carries out full-scale production of disk-type rolls (rolling disks) composite hard alloys. Rolling disks of RPC «Donix» are successfully used in high-speed wire blocks on rolling mills of OJSC «KGMK «Krivorozhstal» (Ukraine), CJSC «Makeevka Metallurgical Works» (Ukraine), RUP «Belarusian Metallurgical Works» (Belarus). A pilot batch of rolling disks has successfully passed performance test on the rolling mill «150» of OJSC «Beloretsk Iron&Steel Works (Russia, Republic of Bashkortostan).



We put into operation new process equipment which ensures production of hard-alloy products with the diameter (diagonal) up to 450 mm, and with the length up to 150 mm; after that we started production of hard-alloy rings for banding the working rolls of bar rolling mills.

We produce a wide range of nonstandard products hard alloys on request ( the customer's drawings), among them: bushes (including thin-walled bushes), washers, disks, plates, rings etc. These products are used in metallurgy, mineral resource industry, oil-producing and oil-refining industry, machine-building, cement, flour-milling industry etc.

High-quality powder materials China and Russia serve as raw materials for hard-alloy products. These materials undergo the obligatory incoming quality control test by several parameters. The charge is prepared using the equipment which ensures the required chemical composition and grain fineness of the produced hard-alloy mixtures.

Bars for most products are formed by hot vacuum pressing (HVP) which ensures high level of physical and mechanical properties of the hard alloy, as well as accurate geometry of the produced bars.

The surface quality and final geometry of the products are obtained after grinding with diamond tools.

Small-size products as well as products of complex shapes are usually produced by the conventional method of loose powder (vacuum) sintering with or without further mechanical processing of the sintered bars.

All the products undergo the outgoing quality control test for compliance with the standard values of density, hardness, impact strength, macro- and microstructure, as well as for internal flaws (ultrasonic inspection).

RPC «DONIX» has a 10-year production experience in hard-alloy products of various shapes, dimensions and purposes, and has a full set of process and auxiliary equipment with the capacity to produce up to 40 tons of high-quality products based on the tungsten carbide. 


We purchase large-size scrap of hard alloys in the form of overage disc-type rolls (of any dimension-type) on beneficial terms for the supplier.
The Powder Metallurgy Department of RPC «DONIX» invites all the interested legal and physical persons to long-term beneficial collaboration.

  • Tel./fax: (+38 062) 3869153, 3869156, 3889270, 3889271,
  • E-mail:
  • Head of Department - Sidorenko Denis Gennadievich (tel. +38 050 3268654)
  • Head of Sales Department - Trukhanov Sergey Vadimovich (tel. +38 050 4714001)
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