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Working out the Measures for Avoiding the Scale «Coiling» by the Continuous Caster Rollers When Casting in Long Series

A three-dimensional mathematical model was developed to calculate the thermal condition of the continuous caster supporting rollers in the secondary cooling zone and to determine the conditions ensuring the physical integrity of the scale on the surface of a continuous casting during the casting process, through avoiding the scale «coiling» by the continuous caster rollers. 

The calculated parameters:

  • temperature field change along the cross sections of the water cooled rollers at different water consumption rates and different angular speeds of rotation within the specified range, corresponding to the casting speeds;
  • heat removal intensity at different cooling water consumption rates and different operating modes of the rollers (including the forced technological reduction of the casting speed during the steel-teeming ladles change);
  • rational relationship of the diameters of the cooling channels, the feed pipe and the water consumption rates;
  • kinetics of the scale generation on the roller surface and on the cooling channel surface;
  • thermostressed condition of the roller taking into account the elasto-plastic behaviour of the roller material, as well as the bending strains, resulting in thermal bending of the roller.

The software is applicable for slab continuous casters of different configurations (radial, curved).

The mathematical models, calculation algorithms and the software realizing these functions were developed and adapted directly by the project's authors and do not include any data of other authors.

The techniques and the software for their realization are uted at the state-of-the-art level taking into account the latest science and technology progress. The calculated design parameters for the intermediate ladles of shape and slab continuous casters are patentable on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.




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