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Technologies and Equipment for Slag Cutoff during Steel Tapping Steel-Making Units

The cutoff of the final slag during steel tapping steel-making units is particularly important for «furnace-ladle» facilities which are widely used now. The said problem's solution depends on technical capabilities of the equipment ensuring slagless steel tapping into the steel-teeming ladle.

RPC «Donix» in collaboration with Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) and CJSC «Novokramatorsk Machine Building Works», develops, produces and implements high-performance devices for slag cutoff during steel tapping basic oxygen furnaces, open-hearth and arc furnaces.

Two techniques were developed for basic oxygen furnaces to prevent the penetration of a large quantity of the molten slag into the steel-teeming ladle.



The first technique requires the installation of a sliding gate on the basic oxygen furnace body. The sliding gate closes the outlet port at the moment when the slag appears in the metal stream.

Unlike the wide-known hydraulic gate used on the furnaces of «Salzgitter AG» the suggested sliding gate is equipped with an electromechanical drive. The design of the drive and of other gate elements facilitates the production of the unit, ensures its low cost and error-free performance under the conditions of dustiness, high temperatures and mechanical loads.

It is recommended to use the proposed system for slag cutoff on the furnaces with height-to-diameter ratio between 1,6 - 1,8.

The second technique is based on the use of special cut-off devices made of refractory in the shape of floats which are immersed into the molten bath using manipulators of original design.

The design of the sliding gate system greatly differs its foreign analogues. Such a design ensures a more effective slag cutoff in electric arc furnaces.

The suggested gate is equipped with a more reliable double-plunger drive hydrocylinder (instead of a piston one) and balancing clamping elements of the moving race with roller bearings. This design ensures controlled bottom steel tapping without the rotation of the furnace body, error-free performance of the gate even in case of wedging of the refractory elements. Besides, it is possible to reduce the deterioration of the wear surfaces and the drive load.

To optimize the slag-free steel tapping open-hearth furnaces we offer to use special spouts with partitions which ensure effective slag hold-back and slag removal into the tank placed near the steel-teeming ladle.

The suggested design of the spout ensures effective slag cutoff, irrespective of the state of the metal notch of the open-hearth furnace. The system controls the slag levels in the receiving part of the spout and at the bottom of the ladle lip through which the slag is coming into the bowl. That is achieved by means of changing the angle of the spout gate position depending on the mass flow of the metal which runs out of the furnace.

The described systems and equipment can be efficiently used at steel-making plants of metallurgical and machine building works.



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