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Improvement of Continuous Furnace Heating Modes due to Modernization of the «Pipe-in-Pipe» Burners

Fuel rate reduction is obtained due to the reduction of the overall air consumption coefficient of the furnace down to the values not exceeding 1,1. Its values in the welding zone are significantly lower (down to 1,04). As a result the oxidizing ability of the furnace gases in the working space of the furnace decreases which leads to the reduction of the metal waste.

That is confirmed by experimental investigations of the metal waste carried out by the heating engineering laboratory of the rolling plant on scale samples taken the billet surface at the exit the furnace, as well as by significant reduction of scale accumulation on the heating furnace bottom.



Technical and normative documents:

  1. Burners reconstruction project
    - The expert's report of Gas Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  2. ТУ У 29.2.-13495380-006-2003
    «Furnace gas burners without preliminary gas mixing of the «pipe-in-pipe» type 
    - State Committee of Ukraine in standardization, certification metrology
  3. Certificate of conformance # 170595 of 22.11.2004
    - UkrSEPRO 
  4. Confirmation of correspondence of modernized heaters by the normative act in energy saving problems.
    The expert's report of Territorial Administration of State Inspectorate in Energy Saving of Donetsk region.

The obtained results:

  1. Implementation scope
    - Five furnaces of light-section and wire mills (natural gas - 4; natural-coke-blast-furnace gas mixture - 1)
  2. Technical efficiency
    - Production increase by 10 - 15 %
    - Fuel rate reduction not less than by 10%
    - Metal waste reduction by 20 - 25 %
    - The possibility of using the gas mixture with a lower combustion value
    - The furnace service conditions improvement 
  3. Ecological efficiency
    -CO and NOx content in furnace gases meets the requirements of the corresponding standards 0,05% 250 mg/m3



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