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Field of application: sintering production.

Purpose: to improve materials blending for sinter production, to maintain the materials level in the bin within the given range.

System components: level sensors for materials level in the bins, position sensors of charging devices, conveyor scales, programmable logic controller, and operator's graphic workstation.



Field of application: blast-furnace production.

Purpose: to prevent tuyere burnout, to conditions for efficient control over the blast furnace cooling system.

System components: digital temperature sensors in pressure-water pipes and outgoing water pipes, temperature controllers, operator's workstation.



Field of application: blast-furnace production.

Purpose:  automatic coke dosing, reduction of coke consumption.

System components: electronic scales of coke bins, programmable logic controllers, operator's graphic workstation.



Field of application: sintering and blast-furnace production.

Purpose: automatic dosing of burden materials, reduction of coke consumption, improvement of control over burden charging.

System components: electronic scales of dosing bins, programmable logic controllers, operator's workstation.



The system's purpose is:    

  • to reduce the coke consumption for iron production in the blast-furnace shop due to reducing the variations of basicity and iron content in the sinter;
  • to improve the materials blending in the ore stockyard of the blast-furnace shop;
  • to carry out continuous on-line control over the materials charging into the stack;
  • to carry out timely correction of the materials consumption when charging into the stack;
  • to increase the staff responsibility.



The system's purpose is:

  • to maintain automatically the specified coke consumption, to correct the coke consumptionper dose depending on its humidity;
  • to acquire, process and store data about the current values of coke consumption, deviations of the current values the specified one, correction values per dose, current values of coke humidity.



The technology allows to reduce gas mixture consumption in ignition hearths by up to 5 - 6,5 kg of equivalent fuel per one ton of sinter and to improve sinter quality.

At present ignition hearths with burners in the front end wall are mostly used in sinter production at metallurgical works.

The technology of sintering mixture heating and ignition is based on the theory of high concentration of heat supply per unit of the sintering mixture surface at the beginning of the hearth's working space and it is considered necessary to provide heating for no less than 50 c, i.e. if the rate of the pallet movement makes 2 m/min. the combustion zone length must make no less than 1,8 m.



The system's functions are:

Automated control system for burden components dosing at the sintering plant of Integrated Metallurgical Works "Zaporozhstal" ensures on-line control and automatic correction of burden components dosing based on the results of the chemical analysis for the burden's basicity, as well as data acquisition about:

  • current and accumulated values of the burden components consumption rate;
  • material levels in the bins;
  • feeders operation;
  • control modes.



The gas phase pressure pulsation in the blast-furnace, by means of more uniform distribution of the gas over the levels of the blast-furnace and, as a result, intensification of the heat and mass ex, allows to reduce coke consumption by up to 2% and to increase the blast-furnace output by 2 - 5%.

RPC "Donix" has developed an automated system of control over the gas phase pressure pulsation in the blast-furnace, which allows to select and realize optimal pulsation schedules specified individually for each blast-furnace.

The system's purpose is to realize the blast-furnace smelting technology using top pressure pulsation and natural gas flow rate.



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