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Choosing Rational Parameters for the Continuous Caster Processing Line

The software was developed based on an original technique os choosing rational geometric parameters for designing the processing lines of curved continuous casters:

  • position of the continuous caster processing line (vertical section and mould dimensions, laq and length of the bending and unbending zones, radial section basic radius and length, horizontal section length, overall metallurgical length, liquid phase length for each steel section and steel grade);
  • speed of the casting elongation (maximum permissible and nominal);
  • distances and diameters of the secondary cooling zone rollers, their segmentation.




The software is adapted for the calculation of rational geometric parameters for designing the processing lines of curved as well as radial and vertical continuous casters. A certain continuous caster design is chosen depending on the caster destination and its specific operation conditions in the overall complex of the given metallurgical works.

The software takes into account the influence of the casting process variables and of the chemical composition of steel on the stress-strain properties of a solidifying casting.

The software is used to plan continuous casters being redesigned and those being newly constructed.

The mathematical models, calculation algorithms and the software realizing these functions were developed and adapted directly by the project's authors and do not include any data of other authors.

The techniques and the software for their realization are uted at the state-of-the-art level taking into account the latest science and technology progress. The calculated design parameters for the intermediate ladles of shape and slab continuous casters are patentable on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.



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