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Tracking System for Slabs Rolling Process on a Mill Complex

The automated control system sorts out slabs (blooms), which are sent to transit rolling, according to the power consumption for metal deformation per rolling cycle, in order to achieve energy savings and increase the process safety.

The system's functions are:

  • to determine the power consumption for metal deformation per rolling cycle at the roughing plant and to evaluate the possibility of slab (bloom) transit rolling, provided sufficient heat content.
  • to collect technological data the sensors of the main drive, roller tables, photorelays and others on the processing line "roughing mill - continuous hot-rolling mill".
  • to monitor the metal movement and to record the metal, moving along the processing line "roughing mill - continuous hot-rolling mill", as well as to record the temperature and the metal handling time at the points of reference.
  • to transfer data about the slabs (blooms) relative heat content, their handling time and others to the remote data displaying modules
  • to accumulate the statistics, which characterize the rolling process.
  • to transfer data to the factory server of the automated control system "Steel rolled stock" and to other systems.

The system's components:

  • Main computer.
  • Remote data acquisition units (DAU).
  • Remote data displaying units (DDU).

The system's design and hardware capabilities ensure its error-free performance under hard working conditions (dust, high temperature, vibration, etc.), which exist at the rolling shops. Error-free performance is ensured by special-purpose equipment, produced by "Octagon Systems", "Advantech", "Analog Devices", "Grayhill", IEE, "Rittal".

The system was implemented and is used on the rolling mills complex "slabbing mill - continuous plate mill 1680" of the JSC "Zaporozhstal".

The system can be efficiently used on the complexes "roughing mill - hot-strip mill", "roughing mill - continuous billet mill" at Illich Integrated Metallurgical Works (Mariupol, Ukraine), JSC Enakievo Metallurgical Works (Enakievo, Ukraine) and at other metallurgical works.

The system is implemented at:
JSC "Zaporozhstal"



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